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Biochemistry examination 1 doctors, require undergraduate and master are examination professional; epidemiology and health statistics doctor 1, labor hygiene or environmental hygiene doctor 1, require age below 40 years old. If you are interested, please send your resume or employment recommendation to Li Qunwei, Tai'an College of public health, the Great Wall Road, Shandong. Or send mail to
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There are 3 specialties of preventive medicine, medical examination and sanitary examination, and the specialty of medical laboratory technology. Approved by the Ministry of education in 2003, it became a master degree conferring authority for epidemiology and health statistics. There are 7 professors and 5 associate professors in the teaching staff, among whom 7 are master tutors, 1 are excellent teachers, 1 are teaching masters in Shandong, and 1 are key medical and technical personnel in Shandong. Laboratory area of more than 1000 square meters, has excellent experimental equipment, equipment, the total value of more than 800 yuan. There are more than 1300 masters, undergraduates and junior college students. In 2010, clinical laboratory diagnosis became a master degree conferring authority for clinical laboratory diagnosis.
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