A welcome party for 2017 new students of the school of public health (Launch ceremony for entrance education)

Thousands of students start their new university life after several years of hard work. In order to make students adapt to the new environment and life of university as soon as possible, a welcome party (Launch ceremony for entrance education) for 2017 new students was held by the school of public health at C4013 in the south teaching building on 10th, September. The ceremony was chaired by Jiang Xinquan who is the vice-president of the school of public health

On behalf of the staff of the college, Dean of Li Dong expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the new class of 2017, and then took the first class for all freshmen. Firstly, Professor Li introduced the history, development course and basic situation of the Taishan Medical University and the school of public health. Secondly, the professional setting and construction of the school of public health are introduced in detail. For painting a colorful picture for their college life, it hoped that the freshman could build their life plans, set up the lofty goals and improve their ability to learn and live.

The main purposes of the entrance education are to deepen the understanding for the new students to the work of our university and school and strengthen the communication between the college and the students. This will help freshmen to realize the role transition from high school students to college students.

Series of activities of entrance education will be to conduct according to the school's arrangement in the next step.

The leaders of the school of public health, Principals of all section offices, Counselors of 2017 freshmen and all the 401 new students attended the launch ceremony.

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