Professor Li Qunwei was honored by the scientific and technological innovation conference of Tibet

The Scientific and technological innovation conference which was organized by the party committee and government of the Tibet autonomous region was held from September 25-26, 2017. Theresearchers make outstanding contributions to the development and progress of Tibet in recent years were commended at the meeting. Professor Li Qunwei of our university was invited as special guests and was honored by thelocalgovernment.

There were twenty people were awarded in the conference, only two of which were mainland researchers (Chengdu University of Technology and Taishan Medical University ).

Professor Li Qunwei has been treating diseases in Tibet for twenty years. During this period, he against all odds、Cautious and conscientious、indifferenttofameandwealth. He achieved outstanding achievements in terms of disease control and prevention thanks to years of efforts by both sides. This award was not only make his work performance fully affirmed, but also effectively enhanced the reputation and expanded theinfluenceof our university. It has contributed to the construction of a high level medical university of our school.

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